Enter  the  Coliseum

Project Snapshot

Roles: Level Designer
Development Time: 8 weeks
Engine: Creation Kit
Developers: 1


In “Enter the Coliseum,” the player gets to travel to an arena where customers watch vicious battles between gladiators and the creatures of the Commonwealth. Inside the Coliseum, the player can pay to watch a gladiator fight themselves, or they can choose to go in the arena and fight for glory and riches.

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In-game screen shot of the player fighting in the Coliseum arena


For this school project, I was to deliver an industry-standard mod for Fallout 4 that featured one brand new quest, at least three new custom NPCs, and at least four custom interior cells. Over the course of the entire project, I spent around 150 development hours to deliver these assets:

  • Four unique, conversable NPCs (the Coliseum Promoter, Receptionist, William (vendor), and the Quartermaster)
  • Three non-unique NPCs (Coliseum Guards, Coliseum Spectators, and the fighters in the arena)
  • 1 huge exterior building (the Coliseum) placed in the Commonwealth
  • 4 interior cells (the Coliseum interior, the Gladiator Barracks, the Coliseum Arena (spectator), and the Coliseum Arena (fighter))
  • 1 custom quest (“Enter the Coliseum”)
Overhead view of Coliseum arena

Design Goals

Creating a randomized, gladiator fight experience
My biggest goal was to create a combat experience that the player could voluntarily choose to participate in whenever they wanted. I did this by letting the player sign up for arena fights. I also wanted this quest to have replayability so that the player would have an endless supply of fun combat at demand. This was done simply by making the quest repeatable and randomizing the enemy loadout. 

Evoking the true Colosseum experience
Another one of my goals was to evoke the Roman Colosseum as much as possible through building layout and architecture. Some of the things I did to accomplish this was raise the spectators above the fighters like the stands in the original Colosseum. Additionally, I made the building somewhat ovular to emulate the shape. Last, I added a vendor inside with random NPCs milling around to make the arena feel like a public place.

Vendor inside of the Coliseum

Walkthrough Video