Go Go-Karts

Project Snapshot

Roles: Systems Designer, Level Designer
Development Time: 14 weeks
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developers: 45


Go Go-Karts is a 3D multiplayer arcade racer heavily inspired by the Mario Kart series. Up to four people can play together and see who can win the Grand Prix. The game contains three unique tracks, four different racers (each with different skins), and five different items for you to pick up and use on the course. Go Go-Karts was made by the students of SMU Guildhall Cohort 28. 

A racer going through the Medieval Track, where a dragon awaits to shoot fireballs down on any careless driver.
A view of the swinging ship in the game's pirate level

Roles and Responsibilities

Systems Designer

  1. Created the in-race items by designing them on paper, creating the blueprint prototypes, and then finally testing and integrating them.
  2. Created drafting system for racing by coding in the behavior

Level Designer

  1. Collaborated with artsits to help create the Medieval track environment by placing down modular art pieces and adding set dressing
  2. Ensured that tracks were bug free by driving and testing, then fixing any potential problems that were found.
In-game view of two players racing on the Haunted map


What went well…

  • Communication was great across disciplines and within sub teams
  • Good reasearch and development allowed the team to start off quickly
  • Using an asset list to track all of our modular pieces were very helpful in keeping track of progress
  • Quality Assurance squashed over 300 listed bugs, helping to polish the game well
  • Good set of core mechanics to build the game upon

What went wrong…

  • Communication between leads team and rest of team was lackluster, resulting in a lost of confusion at times
  • Unclear conditions of satisfaction caused a lot of teams to not know when they were done with tasks
  • Sloppy process at end due to time crunch
  • Abandoned planning under stress
  • Drive-by’s, where people approached another team member and asked them about something, led to a lot of work not being done

Even better if…

  • Nail down sub-team pipelines earlier to prevent inefficiency
  • Building R&D into sprint plans
  • Establish a strict and optimized project structure for files for organization
  • Use storyboards to quickly convey an idea to the whole team
  • An established set of team norms